Sight Scholarship

“I have a dream!”

Vision for the future…and a lifetime!

Martin Luther King so eloquently proclaimed, “I have a dream!” I, too, have a dream, and it is that one day working citizens of our great nation can see the vast world in front of them clearly and unreservedly, without the need for any type of visual aid. These fortunate individuals will have the greatest potential, the broadest choice of careers and the brightest futures--opportunities presented to them because when they were young university students, they were helped by the Wang Foundation for Sight Scholarship which made laser vision correction possible at a time when they could not afford it due to being in the early stages of their careers, where they had not yet established financial security. Though they are young and just starting out, their quality of vision after surgery will be optimal due to their youth and the considerable amount of years for which they will be able to enjoy the fruits of their surgeries! I have a dream… that one day there will be clear visual freedom for everyone, for a lifetime!

---- by Dr. Ming Wang

Wang Foundation offers scholarships to students who are medically candidates for the advanced laser vision correction and who have demonstrated the need for financial assistance and also academic excellence.

The long-term range goal of the foundation is to make it possible for all students in the United States who are appropriate medical candidates and who are in need of laser vision correction, to be able to afford to have the procedure, so they can enjoy a life-time of visual freedom and enhanced future for a broader choices of career and job opportunities.

The inception of this sight scholarship began when Dr. Wang was attending MIT and Harvard Medical School and was contemplating a career in ophthalmology and was inspired by Martin Luther King's famous statement: "I have a dream..."

Dr. Wang's dream is, one day, all of the students of our country are able to enjoy a new visual freedom, better jobs and happier lives, and they are able to see clearly the world around them, because, while as students, they were helped by the Wang Foundation sight scholarship and was able to have laser vision correction.

Interested applicants please send inquiry to Dr. Ming Wang, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.